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The difference between organic and non-organic seeds

Would you like to add some linseed or chia seed to your diet and do you also want your customers to enjoy this treat? Then of course you want to make sure that you buy only the best quality seeds. But, how do you choose between organic a non-organic seeds? Organic and non-organic seeds do not differ much in nutritional value. The big difference is in the way they are grown. Organic seed producers do not use chemical fertilizers and are therefore much more sustainable. It contributes to a healthier planet and an organic and sustainable food system.

To be sure that the seeds you buy from the wholesaler are biologically grown, it is good to check whether they have organic certifications. You can think of Skal, USDA, Demeter, FairTrade IBD and more. You will often find an overview of the certificates on the website of your wholesaler.

Why choose organic products and food?

More and more people are opting for organic foods. Most people give animal welfare and the fact that they want less chemical pesticides in their bodies as the biggest reason. If you would like to sell more organic seeds, there are a number of things you can do. For example, you can buy bulk organic seeds and other seeds at flax seed wholesale suppliers.

Because you want to sell your products, you can highlight a number of benefits of organic food. Indicate that your products are environmentally friendly because they burden the environment a lot less. The taste of organic food is better and more intense because no chemical additives are used. The intake of organic food ensures a considerably reduced intake of harmful chemicals in your body. After all, no pesticides, artificial fertilizers or preservatives are used.

Attract more people to your organic store or webshop

Do you want to attract more people to your store or webshop, but you have no idea how to do this? Have you ever thought about developing your own private label? At some wholesalers, you can develop your own custom seed mix and package it in compostable film and recyclable packaging. The latter is good to apply in your store anyway. This way, not only your product is sustainable, but also the packaging. In this way your store is sustainable from purchase to sale. Make use of influencers and provide good product photos. If necessary, hire a product photographer and provide good texts for the photos.