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What is the characteristic that has made Miron glass so popular?

You’ve probably come across shiny black glass containers at the drugstore. Its use by cosmetic and personal care brands is becoming more and more common. What makes Miron glass so popular is the simplicity of how it works. The first thing to note is that the glass is not actually black, but dark violet. This is its secret. By simply changing the color of the glass, you can offer additional protection to the products inside. What Miron glass does is basically block the harmful rays of light and allows only violet, ultraviolet and infrared rays to pass through. This means that natural products last much longer without losing their physical and chemical properties. In other words, natural products that manage to stay fresh for much longer without the need for preservatives.

The science behind it all

It seems incredible to think that just because the glass is violet, it can provide a lot of benefits to natural products. Miron glass achieves this because it is a biophotonic glass. “Bio” means “life” in Greek and “photon” means light. That is, thanks to the filter of this glass, the rays that pass through the glass not only do not cause harm but also energize. Violet light has the highest frequency of any visible light (720-770 billion Hertz). Professor Hugo Niggli discovered that this frequency is able to keep the molecular structure of organic substances stable for much longer. This allows Miron glass to extend the shelf life of natural products without the use of any preservatives. A 100{df862752e544bb511968235e4e80135fdf611c3a7ee0c04d665e8ea7a19ac3bd} natural product that will keep its flavor and aroma intact for a longer period.

Miron glass has multiple uses that you can take advantage of

It is very common to see this type of glass used in personal care products and cosmetics, however, there are stores where you can buy empty Miron glass containers and use them in an almost unlimited number of uses. You could start by using it to store the natural products you use in your kitchen. These products can range from spices to tea leaves and coffee. If you want to give a different use to the Miron glass, you can place a candle inside and benefit from the revitalizing effects of the violet light. It is a perfect element when it comes to disconnect from the routine of everyday life. You can store any type of natural product and extend its useful life, while maintaining its physical and chemical properties.