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Working standing up: These surprising health benefits arise

Standing desks have become significantly more popular in recent years. They can therefore justifiably be described as a trend. But should this really be followed?

From a health perspective, the answer is definitely yes. Many people spend over eight hours a day at their desk – sitting down.

However, if these periods of sitting are interrupted at regular intervals by standing, there are convincing health benefits, some of which will come as a surprise. The following article reveals the details of these benefits.

Getting rid of excess pounds

Scientific studies have shown that people who stand for six hours a day lose weight more easily than those who spend this time sitting down. It has been proven that standing burns more calories.

A standing desk can therefore prevent more and more kilos from settling on your hips over the years. It also helps to maintain a healthy body weight in the long term.

Lower risk of heart attack and stroke

However, it’s not just your figure that benefits from doing your work standing up from time to time.

Researchers have also found that the risk of stroke and heart attack is also significantly reduced if less time is spent sitting down. This is an extremely interesting fact, especially in view of the fact that almost 25 percent of deaths can be attributed to heart disease.

Lower blood sugar levels and lower risk of diabetes

Unfortunately, diabetes is now a widespread disease. Over 100 million Americans are officially affected by the disease, but the number of undiagnosed cases is much higher.

However, standing work can also reduce blood sugar levels. This in turn lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Scientific studies have shown that people who spend 185 minutes standing after lunch have almost half the blood sugar level of the sedentary comparison group.

Increased life expectancy

The health consequences of excessive sitting are often ridiculed. However, this smile quickly fades when the following fact is considered: sitting is also associated with a high risk of premature death.

Not only can health be comprehensively supported at a standing desk, but also the chances of a long life.

Preventing neck and back pain

Back pain is also very common nowadays. The back is involved in numerous everyday movements, so back problems lead to impairments in many different areas of life.

However, if more time is spent standing instead of sitting during the day, neck and back pain can be reduced by more than half.

Better mood without a midday slump

Most office workers will be familiar with this: The low comes after lunch. At this time of day, it seems almost impossible to continue working productively and attentively. This is especially true when sitting at a desk chair.

In contrast, working standing up can provide new energy and an improved mood. This shows that it is not only physical health that can suffer from sitting for long periods, but also mental health. A standing desk therefore supports both body and mind.