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Men need to know the harm they are doing to their children

Many men find it easy to have a sexual encounter with an attractive woman they just met at a bar. The problem arises when that woman gets pregnant and doesn’t want to have an abortion. Taking a legal paternity test has to be the first action taken by a man who finds out he is going to be a father. The problem is that for many men it is easier to abandon the woman and her child than to take responsibility. Studies have found that father abandonment is often the number one cause of school problems for many children. A woman can perform a DNA test while pregnant, so she doesn’t need to wait until the baby is born to find out who is the father of that child. If you have abandoned a child, you should know the negative effects that your actions will have on that child.

Less likelihood of success

Statistics have shown that children who are abandoned by their fathers tend to fail at school. They also tend to develop more violent behaviors, become insecure, and disrespectful, and in many cases drop out of school to join a gang. This happens naturally because children need the support of a parent and when they do not have it, they seek to replace that support with friends who, on many occasions, turn out to be bad people. Once these children reach adulthood, they do not usually enter college, but end up working in places where they do not receive a decent living wage. A child who grows up not knowing their father tends to develop resentment towards those children who do.

It is not necessary to marry or pay child support

Some men tend to think that a baby is synonymous with marriage when it is not. If you have no feelings for the child’s mother, you can still take care of your child without any problems. You can have other partners and get married, without that representing an impediment to exercise your functions as a father. Psychologists explain that if a child grows up with separated parents, but has the support of both parents, they grow up with the same self-esteem as a child who grew up in a home with their parents. The word “child support” often scares many men. The reality is that a judge sets child support only when the man does not voluntarily provide what his child needs. If you provide food for your child, and help with school fees and other expenses, no judge will impose child support.